No.2 of the Top Ten British Things in Orlando

Posted by BBC America on 24th Feb 2014

Orlando, Florida has been deemed one of the 10 Most British cities in the U.S. according to … well, us. Orlando made the list based on the fact that Brits travel to the area on holiday due to the nice weather, and many decide to stay with real estate being relatively less expensive than what’s found in neighboring European countries. And where there are Brits … British shops, restaurants and events will follow. Check out 10 British things going on in Orlando...

the British Shoppe Orlando

With Orlando having an expat community, where are Brits expected to get their eats and treats? The British Shoppe, located at 809 N. Mills Ave., of course. The store’s shelves are lined with British goodies like teas, sweets, preserves, groceries and a frozen section with the likes of British bacon, bangers and black & white pudding. The exterior is cute and inviting and if you’d like to take a peek on the inside, you can check out this virtual tour here. If you can’t make it there in person, you can make purchases online here.