Maynards Wine gum Rolls

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Maynards Wine gum Rolls

Maynards Wine Gums always give you unique and  distinctive flavors.  Introduced way back in 1896 - wine gums are chewy, firm sweets that might be compared to traditional gumdrops - but  without a sugar-coating.  Maynards Wine Gums quickly became an important part of the UK candy and confectionery market place.  Maynards Wine  gums are fruit flavored and an original English favorite! Enjoy a  wonderful a chewy and tangy delight.  These are the best selling gummy  candy in England.  Originally called "Wine Gums" for their fruity  flavor.

What is chewey...and shaped like kidney, crown, diamond, circle  and rectangle shapes?  A variety of colors and a variety of wine  flavors: Port, Sherry, Champagne, Burgundy and Claret....Just remember:  there is no wine in Maynards Wine Gums

Wine gums (or winegums) are chewy, firm pastille-type sweets similar to gumdrops without the sugar coating however contain some red wine.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review