Lucozade Energy Drink Original 1tr

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Lucozade Energy Drink Original

Glucose, Its the source of energy your brain profers. For that moment. when everything flows. When you need it most. Out think the thinkers, Out do the doers.

A bigger bottle, So you can split the energy between friends.

Of an adult's guideline daily amount, Lucozade energy is best when you are active, eating prppebly and stying healthy. It's not for replacing the fluids lost from an upset stomach. And it's not suitable for chilran under 3 years. Find the best before end date on the cap or top of this bottle. Enjoy it cold.

Lucozade energy drink 1ltr is designed to give you an energy boost when you need it most, providing glucose to keep you active.

When you need it most. Out-think the thinkers. Out-do the doers. Lucozade Energy, Drink. Think. Do

Finaly: It might stain, so don't spill it.

  • Original
  • Sparkling glucose drink
  • Popular worldwide
  • A British favorite!

Country of Origin: Product of UK

Ingredients: Carbonate water, Glucose Syrup (25%) Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Flavoring, Preservatives, Sundet Yellow and Ponceau 4R may have adverse effect on activity and attintion in children.

Product Weight: 250 ML

Storage Instruction: Keep in cool and dry place

Package: Plastic Bottle


(No reviews yet) Write a Review