Wilkin & Sons Tiptree

The Wilkin family have been farming for three hundred years on their 1,200 acre property in Tiptree, Essex. In 1885 A.C. Wilkin began producing jams and preserves setting high standards for himself and his staff. Four generations later Peter Wilkin continues his great grandfather's dream to ensure that only the best quality fruits are chosen to produce a variety of delicious products. Fruits are picked, cooked with pure sugar syrup until set and packed within hours to capture the perfect taste. Employees at Wilkin and Sons take pride in being part of an independently owned family business that continues to create the highest quality jams and preserves which are enjoyed by many all over the world.

Today, products leave Tiptree destined for any of more than sixty different countries. On sale in fine food stores at home and overseas, Tiptree is also served on top airlines, in five star hotels and on cruise ships and can be purchased in high end stores like Harrods.

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