Oolong Pouchong

oolongpouchong.jpgRather Jolly loose leaf oolong tea selection contains only premium oolongs from Taiwan, the motherland of oolong tea. Medical research has suggested that oolong aids in weight loss and fat burning, even more than green tea does. Wu long tea, well known for weight loss, is simply a different way of spelling oolong in english.

Pouchong comes from special bushes that grow on a few tracts of land around the town. After plucking the leaves they are only allowed to oxidize for a limited amount of time before they are wrapped in a paper and dried out. Oolong Pouchong is processed entirely by hand in the same manner as it has been for over 5 generations.

This delivers one of the world's most exceptional teas, with fragrances of flowers and melon, and a rich but mild cup of tea.

For the best brew, steep in water that has been brought to a light boil (165-190° F) for 1-3 minutes.

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