Scottish Haggis Recipes

haggis-header.jpgIn the early 1900’s, Stahlys grandfather began making haggis in Fife. Now in the third generation he has taken our original highly acclaimed, award-winning recipes and packaged it in a tin to suit the ever demanding international marketplace. Buy the Scottish Haggis Recipe Book

we are often asked by people from all walks of life, “What do you do with a haggis?” This was the inspiration to bring together a collection of recipes using Stahly Quality Foods' tinned haggis and showing its true potential as a very versatile dish.

Inside you will find some of stahlys own simple family recipes which have been handed down through the generations. There are also gourmet dishes from the Executive Chefs of Scotland’s top 10 hotels. below are a few...

I hope these will ban some of the mystery and prejudices surrounding haggis and encourage more people, including the Scots, to appreciate the versatility of Scotland’s national dish.

Gateau Of Haggis
Ingredients . . .
2 potatoes
Double cream to taste 60gms (2.1oz)
turnip 100gms (3.5oz)
haggis 10ml (0.4fl.oz)
veal jus 10gms (0.35oz)
butter 3ml (0.1fl.oz)
single malt whisky Picked chervil

Method . . .

Peel and cut potato and turnip into cylindrical shapes and steam cook until tender.
Layer up a ramekin with the turnip, haggis and potato.
Warm through in oven or Bain Marie, turn out onto plate, quenelle a little turnip and place on top.
Foam up whisky sauce (veal jus, butter, double cream and whisky) and pour around before garnishing with picked chervil.

Recipe makes one Gateau, increase ingredients as required

Andrew Hamer Executive Chef
The Gleneagles Hotel, Auchterarder, PH3 1NF, Scotland