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Fortnum & Mason Tea

Tea was Fortnum’s first speciality and remains close to their hearts. The result is an exceptional range of exclusive tea blends, Rare Named Garden Teas and specially selected single-estate teas from around the world.

Fortnum, meet Mason 1707 Open For Business

In 1705 Hugh Mason had a small shop in St James’s Market and a spare room in his house. The Fortnum family had come to London from Oxford as high-class builders in the wake of the Great Fire, helping to establish the St James’s and Mayfair areas as the most fashionable in London. William climbed another rung by taking a post as footman in Queen Anne’s household - and the room at Mr Mason’s.

The Royal Family’s insistence on having new candles every night meant a lot of half-used wax for an enterprising footman to sell on at a profit – so while the Queen’s wages paid the rent, William’s enlightened sideline melted down into enough to start a respectable business. The rest, as they say, is grocery.

No Longer in the USA

No one in the USA is able to get the Fortnum & Mason Teabags imported into this country as of mid 2010, although we have tried to become distibutors of the product unsuccesfully. The only saving grace is our Loose tea that we have blended and ship all over the USA to tea rooms and customers who cannot do without there favorite Fortnum & Mason blends of teas, we carry the following loose teas in the namesake of fortnum and mason so relax and enjoy.

visit our Loose tea blends blended in the namesake of Fortnum & Mason click here

Rather Jolly Royal Blend

Rather Jolly Queen Anne

Rather Jolly Earl Grey Reserve

Rather Jolly Fort Madison

Rather Jolly London Breakfast Blend

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