DJ Miles Smugglers blend 40 Tea bags

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DJ Miles Smugglers blend 40 Tea bags

Tea smuggling passed into local West Country folklore arrayed in a cloak of romance and respectability. Tea was drunk by nearly everyone in the 1770's and when King Charles II introduced unfair heavy taxes, many people from all walks of life turned to smuggling to receive their supply of tea. The rugged coastline around the South West has a notorious history of smuggling with its inaccessible coastline, remote beaches and craggy cliffs and many colourful stories abound of dareing smuggling runs. D J Miles & Co Ltd also have a long traditions in the tea and coffee business, although they are not linked with smuggling and all the tea is imported through the approved channels. A selection of the finest quality teas are blended to produce our 'Smugglers' tea.

40 Two Cup teabags packed in a box.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review