The Perfect Cuppa

How to Make Tea

The tea preparation below explains the tea brewing process with specifics regarding the amount of loose leaf tea you should use per 8 oz. of water, at what temperature the water should be, and how long the tea must steep before it is ready. These are generalized steps for making loose tea and we recommend you look carefully at each individual tea, which may have bonechinateaset.jpgdifferent brewing instructions. For example, it takes a few minutes longer to make herbal tea (4-6 minutes) than to brew green tea (1 minute).  White and green teas should be brewed at a lower temperature (175º)  than oolong and black teas (195º) and herbal teas (208º).  

All our Teas come with instructions for how to make that specific tea. If you are unsure how to prepare tea, just be careful not to steep the tea for too long or it may become bitter.  This is especially true when making flavored white teas, green tea, oolong and black teas.  Always consider the recommended steep or brew times as a maximum amount of time you should steep the tea. For stronger tea, increase the amount of tea, but not the steep time.

When making iced tea, double the amount of tea and simply pour the hot tea over ice when finished steeping. For herbal iced teas, double the amount of tea and double the steep time as well.

Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

Tea brewing is a simple process involving just a few key pieces of equipment, mainly, a tea kettle and tea pot, or a tea maker. You may want to consider using an electric tea kettle to control water temperature.  Also, a cast iron teapot can be the ideal way to brew tea.  Below are steps for the most popular methods of brewing tea:

Traditional Teapot Method

1. Heat water to appropriate temperature in a tea kettle (different from a teapot).

2. Add tea to the strainer basket or infuser of your teapot (if your teapots teapot2.jpgdoes not have an infuser, just add the tea leaves directly to pot).

3. Pour the hot water in your teapot and steep (wait) for the recommended steep time.

4. Once done, remove the strainer basket or infuser from the pot and enjoy your tea. If your teapot does not have a built-in infuser, use a hand-held strainer to remove the leaves as you pour out the tea.

5. Put the teapot over a teapot warmer to keep the tea warm for hours (optional).

Re-steeping Tea Leaves

Depending on the type of tea, you may be able to reuse the leaves in your tea maker or teapot for multiple infusions.  Teas like Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green Tea, Black Dragon Pearl Black Tea can be steeped multiple times making cup after cup of delicious tea!