The British Language Help Guide

Posted by Jon Hanson on 9th Sep 2014

The British Language Help Guide

  WhooHoo - Why not translate to and from any British dialect: try Geordie, Cockney, Brummie, Scouser and Scottish, even Posh and Ali G speak. Try this site to help you send annoying, time wasting emails to your friends in any dialect. It's such a good way to try your British twang.

Many Brits living in the USA, forget how we 'used to speak'!!! This site reminds you how you used to pronounce words in the 'British - English'

Liverpool Online - A great site for Scousers everywhere. All that you could possibly use or need to know about Merseyside including lots of other links and great laughs.

YORKSHIRE DIALECTS (and many others) -
Although the title suggests this site is just for the Yorkshire dialect, it actually covers many British dialects. And, although this site pokes fun of the many different terms and vernacular existing in the British Isles, this site also gives some historic insight into how, why and where.