Scottish Blend Tea 80 Tea Bags

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Scottish Blend Tea 80 Tea Bags

Scottish Blend in a Box of 80 Tea Bags
Scottish Blend Tea is no ordinary tea. Scottish Blend Tea was the first tea to be specially blended to match the softness of Scotland's water. Today, Scottish Blend is Scotland's second favourite tea.

Scottish Blend is Made from Rain forest Alliance Certified Tea Leaves
Scottish Blend is made with 100% tea leaves. The tea leaves used to make it are Rain forest Alliance Certified, which means the makers of the tea have committed to protect the environment, ensure decent working conditions for farm workers and provide access to education and healthcare for the workers and their families.

Scottish Blend Pyramid Shape Tea Bags
Scottish Blend Tea comes in the famous pyramid-shaped tea bags. Officially, the pyramid tea bags are also known as Free flow pyramid tea bags. In 1999, Scottish Blend switched to the pyramid tea bag. Pyramid tea bags act as small teapots and allow the tea leaves to move more freely, producing a better tasting tea. Pyramid tea bags allow 50% more room for the tea leaves to move. More room for the tea leaves results in a better infusion and a superior cup of tea.

Unilever, the maker of PG Tips are credited with inventing the pyramid tea bag. In 1996, Unilever first introduced the pyramid tea bag for PG Tips tea. The pyramid bags are made of webbed fibers, which enables the water to reach the tea leave quicker.

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